Hope Never Rests
Book 2 - Sacred Heart Series - Historical Fiction

Hope Never Rests is the second book in the Sacred Heart series. This dynamic story weaves a tapestry of greed, ambition, hope, and love.

After her parents died, the last thing Addie Engel expected upon moving to Atlanta was to take part in uncovering an illegal drug plot, especially one run by her beloved Garrett’s cousin. But now that Lester’s gone for good, Addie’s journey of self-discovery can finally begin in earnest, exactly how she’s always dreamed. With a new inheritance and the support of Garrett behind her, she’s at last enrolled in school and on track to becoming a fully-fledged nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital. The medical center is state-of-the-art, and full of doctors, equipment, nurses, and new friends—everything Addie needs to realize her heart’s aspiration. Not to mention an attractive young doctor who’s taken a liking to Addie…

But the world of medicine in 1914 has its dark side, and that corruption is slowly eking into the hospital and everyone who enters it. With the Great War approaching, illness and tragedy are at an all-time high, and that means the number of children left homeless and orphaned is only growing…unfortunately for them, there are some who are all too happy to take advantage of the situation. When the bodies of young boys begin to appear scattered across town, the police don’t know who or what is to blame. But Addie, as usual, is right in the middle of things, and she has a sneaking suspicion the hospital—and its favored orphanage—is unwittingly involved.

Set in the maze of mounting social strain and growing pains that is early 20th century Atlanta, Hope Never Rests is a panoramic and masterful sequel to Aspirations of the Heart, ideal for lovers of Southern and historical fiction.

Reviews for Hope Never Rests

“Your new book kept me up all night long!
I started it yesterday after the book signing and went to bed. It had me going, so I got right back up, made a full pot of coffee, and finished it at 3am this morning! Please tell me there will be more to come.”
~ Mary Frasier  Long, Author & Historian

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Aspirations of the Heart
Book 1 - Sacred Heart Series - Historical Fiction

Addie Engel is a small-town girl who wants nothing more than to leave her family farm, venture out in the wider world of 1913 Georgia and become a successful nurse. But the times aren't so friendly to a young woman determined to buck society’s expectations and do more than marry, have children, and keep house. If society has its way, she will never leave Hope, Georgia, nor the boy who hopes to be more than just her friend. Then, tragedy strikes, and with it comes an opportunity Addie can't refuse. Thrust into in the rapidly-growing city of Atlanta, she's soon immersed in a world of powerful people intent upon their own plans and schemes, including Lester Schwinn, a conniving man hell-bent on making his mysterious cure-all tonic a household name at any cost.

Aspirations of the Heart is the passionate tale of Addie’s self-discovery, but also the city of Atlanta and the growing pains the 20th century brings. Filled with vivid and memorable characters, and replete with historically and socially accurate details, it is the first book in the Sacred Heart series.
Reviews for Aspirations of the Heart

Aspirations of the Heart
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"I found it very engaging and informative. You wove a good story from absolute desperation to inspired achievement through the kindness and caring of the characters of good influence. Sinister evil struggled to undo the dreams and hopes of early Atlanta visionaries but good won out which is always my hope. I enjoy historical fiction because I can learn factual material while enjoying the writer's creative webbing and development of characters, settings and interactions toward an evasive or happy ending. I enjoyed your novel very much.
I will have it placed in the mansion library.
Thank you. I look forward to your next novel."
~ Sandra Deal, First Lady of Georgia

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"You have woven a spell together. Your words flow like water tinkling down a riverbed and the plots are like the little pools of water catching among rocks, swirling then weaving their way back together."
~ A. Cawthon/The Gwinnett Citizen

"It is a page-turning and heart-warming story set in Georgia, starting in Hope and moving to Atlanta. The story covers historical and socially relevant events that took place in 1913. It’s a recommended read for any lover of Southern fiction."
~ B. Munteau/Gwinnett Forum

Couch Time with Carolyn

A true story set in Georgia about strong, Southern, sassy women.

What could a woman in her thirties, emotionally and financially vulnerable after ending her marriage, possibly gain from drinking wine, sampling chocolates, and reminiscing with the slowly dying mother of a best friend?

Couch Time with Carolyn is a memoir delivering a multi-layered story about the joys of life and the enduring bonds with close-knit, childhood girlfriends, known as the Dunwoody Girls. While sitting on her couch in her Atlanta home, Carolyn imparts invaluable lessons and unravels the mysteries of life while the final chapters of her's.
Couch Time with Carolyn
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Reviews for Couch Time with Carolyn
"Well, I actually devoured your book! I found myself creating a movie in my head, from the words dancing off the page! I laughed out loud, cried, reflected on my own life experiences...I know it was a blessing to read! A sincere and sweet reminder that LOVE is what it's all about! I will be the first to buy the movie ticket when it comes to the big screen!" 
  ~ Amanda L., Johns Creek, GA

"The book is AMAZING...I LOVED EVERY WORD so much...Couch Time is  a multi-layered love story about loving life, romance and having more than one mom. I laughed. I cried! LOVED IT KATIE!! Just brilliant!!!" 
~ Katie T., Lynchburg, VA

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Artist and Author Pair to Pen Commemorative Book – Duluth, Home of The Dream Keepers
"I was humbled and honored to be asked to collaborate on this incredible project with Kathy. Two creative Gwinnett spirits, artist and author, came together to share the story - from inspiration to reality - of an artwork, I believe, will be a historic destination piece.”    ~ Katie Hart Smith
Kathy Fincher & Katie Hart Smith
(L to R)

From Inspiration to Reality...
Duluth - Home of the Dream Keepers
Commemorative Edition (Non-fiction)

Kathy Fincher, international award winning children’s painter, and Georgia author, Katie Hart Smith, paired to pen a new book called, Duluth, Home of The Dream Keepers (Commemorative Edition).
The coffee table-style book highlights the origins and extraordinary journey of the bronze work sculpture, a three-dimensional perspective
of Fincher’s 9/11 inspired painting, The Dream Keepers, which was donated to the City of Duluth on April 29, 2017.
The public artwork was created in collaboration with classically trained sculptor, Martin Dawe of Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta. 

“This would not have been possible without the support of Mayor Nancy Harris, the City of Duluth, and the community. When Duluth was recognized as one of the most patriotic cities in America, I realized that Duluth was truly the home for The Dream Keepers.” The bronze work shares the story of children working side by side to put the American flag back together with their handprints."
~ Kathy Fincher
The Dream Keepers 9/11 Memorial
Duluth Town Green, Duluth, Georgia

"As a children's artist, I strive to capture the 'spirit' of childhood. I wanted these bronze children to appear as if they are captured in motion, so I portrayed movement using the wind to blow the children's hair and clothing. I haven't achieved my goal unless the viewer feels an urge to join the scene. And just maybe...
fall in love all over again with the American spirit."
~ Kathy Fincher
On Saturday, April 29, 2017,
The Dream Keeper’s 9/11 Memorial was unveiled and dedicated as a 9/11 Memorial by Founder and President of the National Monuments Foundation, Rodney Mims Cook, Jr. at the Duluth Town Green.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal & First Lady Sandra Deal were in attendance.
For more information about the project, visit:,, or

Children's Poetry Books

From the Heart
Children's Poetry

A delightful collection of poems written that teach life lessons in a fun, whimsical, and easy to understand way.
Always From the Heart
Children's Poetry

The second in a series of books of poetry for children, details the adventures and misadventures of many animals around a farm. Each story centers around teaching a valuable lesson such as hard work, bragging, and friendship.
From the Heart
Children's Poetry

The stories and poems are intended to promote physical activity, creativity, interactivity, and movement in young children. Ideal for anyone who is looking for new ways to keep their children active and healthy.

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