"The Weaver"

"Words, written or spoken, have power."

What keeps me grounded and motivated as a writer?
Having a mission and a vision for my work. I understand that my words,
spoken or written, have power. I am passionate about writing stories that
touch the heart, inspire, and entertain the reader.
~ Katie Hart Smith
For 25 years, Katie Hart Smith has written for a wide array of audiences. Smith's literary work ranges from medical and academic publications to children's stories, non-fiction, memoir, and historical fiction.

Smith is a columnist and staff correspondent for the Gwinnett Citizen newspaper. Her monthly column is called “From the Heart” .
Smith enjoys speaking to book clubs and community and civic organizations on a variety of topics. 
Katie Hart Smith and her husband, Jeff, are actively engaged in philanthropic efforts in their community and throughout Georgia.
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Videos & Interviews

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Gwinnett Citizen Newspaper
Georgia Libraries Conference - October, 2017

Katie Hart Smith and NYT Best Selling  Author, Karin Gillespie discussed, "Taking the Red Clay Path to Inspiration: Two Southern Novelists Discuss the Spark Behind Their Work."
Georgia Gwinnett College
School of Health Sciences/Nursing Program
Georgia Gwinnett College
School of Health Sciences/Nursing Program
Georgia Gwinnett College Nursing Instructor,
Lisa Boisseau interviews Georgia author and registered nurse, Katie Hart Smith about her
Sacred Heart historical book series inspired by her grandmother and registered nurse,
Orvada Killion Isensee.
Learn the story behind the Georgia Gwinnett College's "History of Nursing" display and the inspirational woman who defied her father's wishes to stay on their family farm in Daviess County, Indiana in order to become a registered nurse in the early 1900s.


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